i still watch grey's anatomy. i KNOW. everyone i knew who watched the show jumped ship ages ago.* like, 4 or 5 seasons ago. somewhere around denny's ghost or george's death or the shootings. ugh. i should've jumped ship after any of those events, all of which happened YEARS ago. nine seasons i've endured. nine. this is a remarkable amount of time to hate-watch a show. i've endured.

why though? why? every year i tell myself i'll stop and in august & september when i'm programming the tivo for fall tv, i somehow forget to delete grey's from the recording line-up. seriously. for five years i've told shawn that i was breaking up with grey's and then sometime in early october, he walked into the living room to find me watching it and looked at me like i'd farted the worst fart that had ever been farted. why do i do this to myself?

yes, i love bailey. and christina. and owen. and christina and owen. and really, owen. (have you seen dog soldiers? its one hell of a werewolf movie with a ridiculous ending and the handsome dr. owen hunt.) but its only because they are great at their jobs that i am willing to buy the drivel coming out of their mouths. seriously. remember when this show was good? it was so good. and then tonight was so silly in parts that i was yelling at the screen WHILE CRYING. because feelings. mostly about owen and christina. and then bailey. good gravy, what is wrong with me?

i also keep thinking that i've read that the show is ending. and when private practice was put out of its misery earlier this year, i was hopeful. but no, this show is never ending. its the neverending story only not good. because its NOT GOOD. also, no falkor. this season i swear i'd read this was the last season. its NOT. ugh. 

or am i wrong? is it still good and i'm just embarassed, like a 12 year old, because i like something my friends don't think is cool anymore? 

*i am sorry if you are still watching grey's and love it. i assure you that i am watching a show you gave up on years ago. i watch a lot of bad television.

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