cookie monster

every year i go a little insane. i start baking two weeks before christmas and don't stop until i'm weeping, have several burns and have broken at least one item in my kitchen. its just ugly.

last year shawn hit his breaking point with my craziness. he wrote on next year's calendar on the december page "no more than a dozen types of cookies or NO MARDI GRAS!" in my head it became 10 kinds. so, as i sat down a few weeks ago to plan my cookie strategy, i was planning for 10 kinds. when i discover it was indeed 12 kinds, i did the sensible thing, i stuck with 10 kinds.

here's the rundown:

  • pb & j bars (raspberry and grape, mmmm. an old favorite)
  • candy bar brownies (new. they look and smell amazing)
  • my brownies (amazing, if i do say so myself)
  • peanut butter caramel cookies (yummy. not earth shattering)
  • chocolate black pepper cookies (as shawn said, these cookies reveal their charms to you about twenty seconds after you finish them. they are quite good.)
  • peanut butter fudge sandwich cookies (yummy. but the recipe didn't make nearly enough.)
  • chocolate  & vanilla sandwich cookies (with orange, mint or coffee filling. a pain in the ass but pretty tasty. will never make them again.)
  • pistachio sandies (an old favorite.)
  • raspberry chocolate bars (an old favorite.)
  • pine nut cookies ( a new favorite.)


i followed the recipes exactly. and almost EVERYTHING CAME OUT PERFECT. in the one case where i didn't, it was because i couldn't. the dough for the pistachio sandies needed to chill for an hour. i ended up chilling it for two nights because the first night i completely ran out of steam, the second night i discovered that the only sanding sugar in the house was BLACK. not good. so, when i realized that my dough was so sticky and so much like concrete that the pistachio sandies were not not going to become a reality, but i could definitely build something with this brick of dough, no tears were shed. i tossed the dough without thinking OH MY GOD, now i need to make another batch. 

so, i finished my baking. if i have time or energy before sunday, i may make pralines. but only because i'm having a hankering. not because i feel i must.

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