cranky, hungry, tired and my feet hurt

i'm exhausted. the high holidays are officially over. and i've eaten. fasting, in case you're  wondering, isn't fun. between the headache and exhaustion i was a barrel of monkeys today. plus, i'm overly emotional.

the memorial portion of the yom kippur service, yizkor, is gutwrenching. its awful under normal circumstances. but the rabbi started with a few really nice words about harriet and there i went, down the rabbit hole. in my heart i know that my grandpa would not want me to cry as much as i have. but honestly, i can't help it. i'm not enjoying this. i really wish i could hear his name without falling to pieces but i wasn't expecting it and bam, tears. and i was by myself. let me tell you, nothing inspires confidence in a synagogue director like hysterical crying.

i was wearing a sweet skirt though.

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