crush month - day 12

alice hoffman.

cheryl has been loaning me books. piles and piles of books. in the pile were two novels by alice hoffman. the story sisters and the third angel. i just started reading the third angel and after about ten pages i was reminded why i love her so much.

i love magical realism. marquez is one of my favorite authors. his short stories leave me gleeful. when i first read smoke and mirrors by neil gaiman, i was struck by the story, "chivalry." it wasn't really sci-fi or fantasy, it was magical realism. the ordinaryness of the extraordinary thing that was happening to the old woman in "chivalry" tickled me. and alice hoffman is really great at magical realism.

practical magic came out when we worked at borders. cheryl & i read
it at the same time. we both have continued to read it almost every
year, in the fall. its almost compulsive. the air begins to chill and i
crawl into bed with practical magic. the story of the owens sisters, their aunts, the curse on their family and the lilacs makes delights me each time i read it.

so, i will read whatever alice hoffman writes. after all, she said, "books may well be the only true magic," 
and that's fine with me.

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I looooove Alice Hoffman's books and stories. And magic realism! And Gabriel Garcia Marquez! Now I want to go read both ...