crush month - day 12

Starlette crown

i'm not sure if i'd actually wear it but god knows i've been visiting giant dwarf's shop a bunch to gaze upon it.

kathy bought one at renegade san francisco and it sparkled like nobody's business in the sunlight. it almost made her even more crushable than she already is. i hesitated buying one for myself because i'm not sure wearing it while sewing yoyos while sitting on the
couch or in my studio packing orders or while i'm baking pie, all while in
my pajamas, would really do it justice.

maybe i'll just opt for one or two of these.

(i actually had this post written before this tweet: @giantdwarf Please help me understand why someone would
possibly do this to me? Trying to not cry! i had it saved as a draft but it seemed pretty clear that today was the day. long live the starlette crown! accept no substitutes!)

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