crush month - day 18

i wasn't sure what today's crush was going to be. i was having a rough morning and nothing seemed crush worthy. and then i got an email from teena: "anne has me starting to train for roller derby - i definitely need some knee and elbow pads, though.  i am going to kill myself." i just started laughing. and smiling. and couldn't stop for the rest of the day. the idea of teena doing roller derby just delighted me.

maybe its because of the roller derby episode of psych i just watched. or that many of the women who work at my salon are roller derby girls. or that i can't wait to see this:

so, i told shawn about teena's email. he also thinks its awesome. then i told him i'd found today's crush and god love him he said, "why don't you start training for roller derby?" i said maybe, when i have 50% less stuff going on in my life (and maybe 100% less clutziness.)

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