crush month - day 29

dear nola,

its been 5 years. 5 years and when going through my pictures for this post i can still feel my heart ache, i can still feel my blood boil. the anger about katrina and fema and brownie and bush is all still there but now there's also bp and new worries about what would happen if a hurricane were to hit. you've come a long way  but you just can't take anymore setbacks.

it feels strange that we haven't seen each other in so long. its been two years. i miss you. more than i can really say.  i miss the smells and the music and the trees and the food. most of all, i miss my friends, who you've taken awfully good care of. we'll just add that to the long list of things i'm thankful to you for.

i haven't forgotten. i won't ever forget. and i'm hopeful we'll see each other again soon.

as always,


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I miss you, too. It's not the same without you. I am so proud of everything you have accomplished but feel so far away. It's definitely time for you to visit-you are overdue.

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