crush month - day 31 (or all about me)

this summer i've discovered i really, really like myself. i think over the last 10+ years of working at the synnagogue i'd forgotten that. i'd forgotten to take care of myself first - to get a good night's sleep, to exercise, to take time to just relax. my job was all about taking care of hundreds of congregant families, taking care of my staff.

this summer, my first summer that i didn't have to work in 20 years, i've learned that i EXCEL at relaxing. i've slept. a lot. i've baked. a lot. i've learned some new stuff in the kitchen and i've honed my smoothie making skills. i've worked out, and hey, lost a little weight. i've spent some time with friends and seen a bunch of movies. i've taken a good long look at my stuff and gotten rid of things that just don't matter, things i just don't use. i've made some really pretty things and figured out how to make some other stuff. all without much of a plan.

i've always had a plan. always. but right now i don't. i've jumped without a net. its a little scary and kind of awesome. things will work out. they have so far.

its easy to be optimistic on 8 hours of sleep, don't you know?

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So, you now know what everyone else already knew - that you are one rockin' awesome chick. Glad you are in on the secret too.

oh melissa sue! i miss you!

I heart Crush Month and I heart YOU! xoxo

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