crush month - day 9

this afternoon wil wheaton tweeted a link to this story and to this blog post. i listened, read and knew that i was going to need to watch stand by me tonight. i'd caught bits and pieces of it recently but i hadn't actually watched the entire movie in years. and so i did.

i forgot. i really did. i forgot how magical that movie is. first of all, how can this movie be 25 years old when it made me feel like i was 11 again. i remembered sitting with my best friend marni, underneath the giant oak tree at our elementary school arguing over who was cuter, wil wheaton or river phoenix. we had bought tickets to another movie and snuck in to see stand by me since it was rated R. it was awesome.

it was the summer before everything changed. our elementary school fed into two jr. high schools and this was our last school year all together. marni & i would do to the same school but many of our friends wouldn't. there would also be a ton of new kids in jr. high. things started to get complicated, the way they do. so that summer was it for us. there were no dead bodies but we rode our bikes for miles and miles, we got into a fair amount of trouble, we ate nothing but candy, listened to music and we talked for hours and hours. replace these boys with girls and you've got it.

a magic movie. really and truly. its sad and beautiful and hilarious. it captures those moments, those very last moments of childhood perfectly. 

incidentally, river phoenix breaks my heart now but wil wheaton is still cuter. then again, i always did like the smart boys.

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