the current lineup

currently on my night stand:

the element of lavishness by sylvia townsend warner & william maxell. this has been on my ist for years. i'm not sure why i decided now was the time but i'm so glad i did! it is a delightul book! its the personal correspondance of syvia townsend warner, a novelist, and william maxwell, her onetime editor at the new yorker and longtime friend. these are two people i'm loving spending time with.

1 dead in attic by chris rose. this has also been on my list for years. chris rose is a new orleans write whose post katrina columns had me weeping on the regular back in 2005-6. so, this has been on my list because honestly, i didn't know if i was ready. what with the cheerful title 1 dead in attic and all. i'm reading a bit from this in between sylvia & williams letters. its working quite nicely. i am glad to finally be reading it though.

above us only sky by marion winik. i'm not sure how i missed this one. i love her and thought i had read all her books. this was a happy surprise. 

chasing the rising sun by ted anthony. i heard the author interviewed when the book came out and was completely fascinated but it was during a period when i was doing little to no reading so it just went on the list.  the book is about the author's search for the origins of the song the house of the riising sun. 

romeo spikes by joanne reay. so, i'm not sure about this one. i often take pictures of the covers of books when i'm browsing powell's if i think it looks interesting enough to read but not to buy, or if i really want a book but i've already reach my books per visit limit (2). so, this was in my pictures on my phone and the cover caught my eye. i reall don't know much about it. wish me luck.

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