the daughter she never had

i was recently showing my mom how etsy works. she was interested in setting up a shop to sell her stained glass. and i was showing her how to navigate the wild world of etsy. i was showing her my favorites. i had marked a beautiful little crocheted dress for blythe as a favorite item. i asked mom if she could maybe crochet me up a little number like that for my blythe. after making me explain blythe to her (this was her first introduction to blythe) she said absolutely...

over the next week or so something inexplicable happened. my blythe ended up with 4 or 5 outfits, including a mardi gras dress and pet alligator, named oliver of course. she bought her own blythe doll and ordered it a few wigs. she decided that she really enjoyed making things for blythe and that maybe she should sell some dresses. she found a blythe fashion design contest where the winner gets an all expense  paid trip to japan, a limited edition blythe and your design on a limited edition blythe. she's determined. and she said she'd take me.

sunday i spent some time with mom, taking pics of blythe in her new wardrobe. i decided that she likes blythe so much because she can dress her up in a way i never would have put up with when i was younger. and she can make her wear a slip.

so, here is my mom's new shop. i'll be adding a bunch of new stuff over the next couple weeks so check back.

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