day 6

we had a lovely, low key day in albuquerque. had a fiery hot breakfast at sophia's, went to an antique store, packed and shipped some orders. but really, the highlight was spending time with dave and susan and their sons, jonah and benny. 

shawn worked with dave at borders 17 years ago. i spent a great deal of time hanging out at that borders with dave and shawn, as well as dave's sister bonnie, who worked in the espresso bar. dave & i had a shared love of bad movies so we hung out a lot. we went on a couple of road trips together to see the grateful dead. dave also introduced us to two of our favorite people in the world - jake and his lovely wife, susan.

in the spring of 1995, shawn & i were on a road trip through the south and stopped in memphis, where dave & friends were checked into a pink hotel across from graceland. they were in town to see the dead and we we on our way back to chicago. we rolled into town around 11:00 and found dave and company in their hotel room, watching the elvis channel. susan was there and had had more than enough elvis. she asked if i wanted to go for a walk. ok. so, susan, her friend and i walked over to graceland. a nice security guard asked us what we were up to and said he thought he should go to the casino. susan thought this was the BEST IDEA EVER because she'd never been to a casino. we went back to the hotel room and she told the guys and away we went, to the casinos in tunica, mississippi. epic weirdness that's still talked about TO THIS DAY.

somehow we'd lost touch with dave and susan over the years. life happened. they had jonah and moved to new mexico. and then they had benny. we decided to uproot our lives and move to portland. but since we've been seeing jake once a year, he's kept us up to date on the happenings in their lives. last summer jake convinced us that we had to go see dave and susan. here we are and we couldn't be happier. 


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So wonderful to see you guys too :) What a spicy great dinner ! Hope to see you soon here or in Portland :) have a safe drive and a great craft show - your stuff us amazing.

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