day 9 - 11

saturday and sunday were a bit of a whirlwind. there was the show and tacos. and many hugs from our friends - nancy, andy, and donovan. i hugged oliver, who smiled a lot but didn't really hug back - he's 7 months, what more can i ask for?

the show was great. we met a lot of nice people, saw many of our crafty friends from all over, and met some new ones. it was fun hearing that people had been following our little adventure on flickr and twitter. it was also nice to talk to people who wanted to talk about our move to portland and how that's been working out for us. sometimes its easy to forget (like when i'm elbow deep in yellow silk yoyos) that we are part of a large community, that's really supportive and wants to see others in the community do well. i think i can speak for both shamptons when i say we felt very loved this weekend. 

we also couldn't be happier to be with our old friends caroline and greg, who we've known since we lived in austin in 1995-96. they weren't a couple when we first met, like dave and susan in albuquerque, and its wonderful to see the life they've made together. also, they have a new kitty and ohmygodshe'ssocute!

last night, we all went to guero's for tacos and margaritas. i bonded with oliver and we laughed A LOT. this morning we all met at magnolia cafe for breakfast and goodbyes. 

i was lucky enough to get a couple of extra hours with donovan. we went to an antique store and for amy's ice cream, of course.

all in all, a near perfect few days. perfection would have been made possible by the presence of kateri and kathy. i understand why they didn't come but i missed them anyway.

there is a longer blog post percolating in my head about a conversation we had with kim & matt, (frantic meerkat & mincing mockingbird) but that will have to wait until its not so late and i'm not so sleepy.

more austin tomorrow. its nice to be in one place for a few days!

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