Dear Little Sister,

I know I'm not alone in feeling that something seismic is happening. That all these horrible news stories - of gang rapes, slut shaming, reproductive rights under attack, are a sign of things getting worse before they get better. I have to believe it - for my friends' daughters, for the many little girls in my family.

I have to be honest though. It's hard to believe. It's all just too much sometimes. Especially when #WomenAgainstFeminism exists.

Then, Confused Cats Against Feminism happened. Rape culture isn't dead, the patriarchy still thrives but I smiled a little. The same day I clicked on that tumblr, someone tweeted that this blog:  I believe you | It's not your fault: Notes from your big sister  and said it was the best thing to happen to the internet since Confused Cats Against Feminism. I clicked.

I took a couple of days to read the entire blog and it's amazing. I cried a lot. I was sad and mad and maybe hopeful. When I read this, I just sat nodding my head: "during those moments of female bonding that always seem to happen when you get a group of women together—the Yes All Women moments that had been happening long before Twitter or hashtags." I've had those conversations. Too many and not enough, I think. We all have our stories and the (not so) simple act of sharing them helps. It makes everyone feel less alone. It can help restore hope.

Most of the time I am incredibly grateful that the internet didn't exist for me and my friends, that things would've been so much worse. But maybe, just maybe, this blog, this tiny corner of the internet will make things better for girls (and boys) now. Because they are not alone and we believe them. 

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i have to say i saw confused cats against feminism first, and have for a long time held off from going to the women against feminism site, but i finally succumbed to its siren song of misinformed ignorance. i wish i'd stuck to the cats. my mind boggles…

when i was in mi mid-twenties, i went back to school and in my first class (philosophy of science), was the ONLY one who put up her hand when the prof asked who self-identified as a feminist. i was not the only woman there, and i was by far not the oldest woman there. i was shocked by the misunderstanding of the term then, and i continue to be shocked by it today. ugh.

the older i get, the more i appreciate and crave strong women in my life. it's such a wonderful balm to the soul to find them, and it ain't hard - these gorgeous ladies are all around us!

sorry for the randomness of these thoughts, but hey, that's the way thoughts are on a long weekend!

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