elizabethtown & old man river

i have a weird thing for the mississippi river. i know i'm not alone.  but my love of the river causes me to get sucked into elizabethtown everytime its on. elizabethtown? i know, odd. its a perfectly lovely movie but really, what does it have to do with the mississippi river?

at the end, orlando bloom is taking his dad's ashes on a kirsten dunst enforced road trip. she's created the most dreamy map for him which includes this  bit of writing that gets me a little choked up every time...

"you go across the bridge traversing mark twain's muse and jeff buckley's funeral bed as the night air whips through your hair, around your face and out the other window. you can feel the soul of that dark water even as you arrive on the other side."

then i can stop watching the movie. this just happened to me. for about the 5th time.

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