everyone loves the smell of gasoline, right?

this morning i had to stop for gas on my way to work. i pulled up to the pump at one of the citgo stations near my house, slipped my debit card into the thing, and pressed the regular button. as i was reaching for the nozzle, diesel started to pour from the sky. onto me. a little like the pig's blood in carrie. yeah.

so, a man at the next pump went running into the gas station to yell at the attendant to turn off the pump. i screamed and moved quickly away from the downpour. i then darted back toward lola (my beloved scion xa) to shut her door. i then went inside the gas station to find out why it hadn't stopped. 

at this point i am soaked and freezing and thoroughly freaked out.

i am also really concerned for everyone around me.

the man behind the counter looked at both of us like we were insane. he then wandered away with the cordless phone in hand. he returned and told me i would need to MOVE MY CAR before the fire department came. WAS HE COMPLETELY INSANE? lola was standing in a pool of fuel. no f%&$ing way was i starting my car. he then wandered off again with his cordless phone.

i walked back outside to start, slackjawed at my car and wondered if my very own final destination moment had begun.

a fire department truck pulls up and a man in uniform jumps out, runs toward lola and then toward the building. i follow him inside and he's shouting questions at anyone who will answer. what happened? why wasn't it turned off? where was the attendant? he walked right up to the counter, yelled for the attendant and when there was no answer he went behind the counter, pressed a button and off went the pump. thankfully, he was just driving by and thought, "that's not right" when he saw the waterfall of fuel.

up pulls a fire engine and two police cars. the firemen give me a blanket. one starts asking me questions. they clear the lot and start hosing everything down. they needed to move lola out of the way so she was manhandled by 5 men which i'm fairly certain she enjoyed. they then hosed her down. i followed a police who was asking me questions inside where he and another officer tried to clear the gas station out while they told the attendant that he needed to lock up.

i went back outside with the police officer to finish up. he glanced at my bumper and then back at me and said, "do you make stuff? what do you make?" i said huh? he pointed at my etsy bumper sticker and said, "etsy. my girlfriend makes jewelry and i keep telling her to try etsy." awesome.

also awesome: i didn't catch fire.

there are many more details - some terrifying and some completely ridiculous. these are just the highlights and i know i sound flip but trust me, i get it. this was a big deal. i was, and am still a little, shaken up. there was so much yelling at the gas station. there was the smell. and the drenched clothes. and all the horrible what ifs. there were the conversations with everyone at work about what happened. and then a conversation with a lawyer at the urging of everyone at work. there was a shower, and the need for many more showers. then there's the gratitude for that fireman being in the right place at the right time. and more gratitude to the other firemen and police officers. 

i've said it before and i'll say it again, i'm a lucky, lucky girl.

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Holy smokes. That's amazing. I'm so glad you're ok. And I love the whole etsy exchange in the middle of it. Surreal!

The almighty Google has a few suggestions for getting the smell of gasoline out of your clothing. Personally, Dr. Bonner's Peppermint Castile soap or Baking Soda are my picks.

Shana! Oh my gosh! I'm so completely and totally relieved (of course) that you're OK. I'm also glad you spoke with a lawyer - there are infinite levels of "this is so not right" going on here. Also, if you feel odd, be sure to get checked out - for some funny reason, gasoline is actually not good for your health ...