fall tv, i love you so

when we were in chicago, fall tv started to pile up on my tivo. so,  while catching up on shop business and the internets this week, i've also been catching up on tv. 

here's a few thoughts:

mom - wow. dark. holy crap that was cringey. and maybe awesome. i'm not sure. but golly i love allison janney and anna faris.

the goldbergs - sort of painful with potential for greatness.

the blacklist - i wasn't going to watch this one. the ads skeeve me out a little. when did james spader morph into someone who bears a strong resemblance to truman capote. i mean, really. he was so handsome in a skeevy, smarmy kind of way but still. anyway, i wasn't going to watch it and then my mom said it was pretty good. it was. AND he doesn't really look like truman capote on the show. phew.

the agents of SHIELD - i started watching and shawn said, "i know i've eventually going to get sucked into this because, you know, joss whedon, but i'm going to try to hold out as long as i can." good luck with that. especially when i'm squeeing loudly every time a new whedonverse person appeared. charles gunn! shepherd book! holy crap, i was a happy girl.

brooklyn nine-nine - i didn't think i was going to like this. and i really, really did. huh.

trophy wife - what up with that horrible name? the show isn't half bad; bradley whitford, woo hoo! it might be great. that name though? ugh.

the crazy ones - i know my policy is to give everything a shot during the fall. i know. and this show stars the star of my favorite childhood show, mork & mindy, and one of my favorite shoes as a grown-up, buffy. you'd think that would work in its favor in my mind. it made me want to watch it less though. but i did and ugh. it gave me feelings. i don't know that i'll be giving it another chance. 

i loved: parks & rec. it made me cry. repeatedly. like leslie knope said, "it was like a waking nightmare of happiness."

i'm looking forward to: american horror story: coven and super fun night. also, the neighbors. i've been saving it to watch with kateri tomorrow night. and its on again tonight so there will be TWO episodes. quelle excitement!

i'm annoyed with: bones & grey's anatomy. aren't i always, though?

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