film fest report #4

and here's the update:

  1. dead mary - eh.
  2. tourist trap - well done 70s horror fun. less brutal than some movies from the same era but really effective.
  3. the initiation of sarah - an abc family "horror" movie. not at all scary but oh so fun.
  4. ghost town - syfy crap.
  5. rsvp - totally fun. jason mewes and glenn quinn are great and a little heartbreaking.
  6. an american haunting - i was told to avoid it but it was on. i should've avoided it.
  7. burke and hare - i liked this and am definitely looking forward to the simon pegg remake.
  8. zombieland - my new favorite movie. for reals.

total so far = 36 movies, 30 i haven't seen

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How did I know you were going to love zombieland???