film fest report #5 - final edition

october 31 is here and here's what i've watched in the last week:

  1. june 9 - blair witchy. and just like blair witch, by the time the kids were getting killed i was ready to do it myself.
  2. popcorn - entertaining and weird. not sure how i've never seen this one before either.
  3. boy eats girl - highly entertaining.
  4. zombies anonymous - lame.
  5. hack! - i loved this completely weird movie. its got winnie cooper! its got drusilla killing someone while wearing a clown suit! most excellent.
  6. trick 'r treat - disjointed but kind of fun.
  7. the house of the devil - retro horror fun.
  8. texas chainsaw massacre: the next generation - renee zellweger and matthew mcconaughey. big terrible fun that has almost nothing to do with the original texas chainsaw massacre.*

total = 44 movies, 37 i haven't seen

* doesn't count because i've already seen it.

today we watch my all time favorite, halloween. and then tomorrow, kids movies. and romantic comedies. and nothing but for the next month or so.

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