a free jazz sort of list

what i've been reading, watching, doing, eating, etc.

  • i finally stitched my favorite mantra. i've been stitching a lot. i have an idea, i run with it and it feels really good. but, my arm is really tired. its probably good that i'm volunteering at craftcation this weekend. five days off from all day stitching is not a bad idea. i guarantee i'll be back at it immediately when i come home.
  • i am bringing a dropcloth sampler with. just in case i get stitchy twitches.
  • bj novak's book will be waiting for me on my nightstand when i get home. i would bring it with but this book is due back first and i'm dying to read this.  
  • i've read a lot of books about gardening these part few months. this blog is like the best of all the information i absorbed from those books and it just appears in my blog reader when action needs to be taken. i LOVE it. 
  • my friends are doing excellent things. hmmm. they could have their own list. maybe i need to bring back friday friends?
  • i'm dreaming of tomatoes and tomato recipes. when can i make this
  • i really like sady doyle. i read this one about tori amos right before i read this one about hannibal. i enjoyed them both. i just read her post about veronica mars. le sigh.
  • tv. omg. hannibal. its so good its killing me. 
  • also, bob's burgers. 
  • the muppet movie was so cute. the lemur. tee hee.
  • i'm taking tap three days a week. whoa. and i'd really like tap shoes like these
  • and this, this is awesome: 

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