friday's random ten happy making things

#1 - this etsy shop.
#2 - the cicada hum. if i seem a bit obsessed its because i am. i was starting high school when they were last here and i just remember finding them icky. the older and infinitely more curious me thinks they rock now.
#3 - heroes. shawn & i are (re)watching season one. its so fantastic.
#4 - the newest apples in stereo.
#5 - my green toes.


#6 - the wraps i made for dinner last night - roasted chicken, apples, brie, baby greens, bacon, brianna's poppyseed dressing. yummy.
#7 - happy mail. mailorder #7 and prizes from sweet jessie arrived yesterday.
#8 - teena's new dolls. so freakin' cool.
#9 - my newly dyed green babydoll dress.*
#10 - summer

*crazymaking thing - my card reader won't work so i can't, at this moment, post the accompanying pic. grrrr.

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