friday's random ten (thoughts)

#1 - i LOVE blueprint magazine. its beautifully designed. wonderful illustrations. and it contains info i may actually use. i am seriously contemplating a subscription.

#2 - i am already experiencing 9/11 fatigue. and i know its only going to get worse.

#3 - i am definitely experiencing katrina fatigue. the spike lee was about my limit. and then when we were in nola we went to see hurricane on the bayou at the imax. it broke my heart. again. and i realized i'm done. i will go to nola. i will volunteer. i will send money when i can. but i cannot deal with any more of the media coverage. i just can't.

#4 - work is crazy. but i'm not hating it. its nice.

#5 - could isaac mizrahi rock any harder? could this sweater that i purchased yesterday be ANY cuter? well, it could be, if it was a better pic. the roses are sort of an ode to suerat and pointillism.


#6 - and speaking of cute, i am so enamoured with this oh-so-fabulous and oh-so-adorable artist who i've bought a few pieces from on etsy. i was also given a few pieces of her art for my b-day. her blog has become a regular haunt of mine and i just can't get enough of those damn hedgehogs. she is cute overload incarnate.

#7 - i hate this whole survivor race thing. as if dividing the teams into men and women wasn't bad enough last season. it leaves me feeling rather icky. i can't decide if i can even bring myself to watch.

# 8 - i am DYING to see the illusionist. and idlewild. and little miss sunshine. a movie sounds like a really good idea this weekend. and ice cream. a movie and ice cream.

#9 - i'm in a really girly "i love shawn <sigh>" period. he was just so kind and supportive all of august when i was supercranky and getting ready for my show. he made sure i was fed. he didn't scream and yell at me when i was screaming and yelling at him and probably deserved it. and he bullied a bunch of people into coming to my show. plus, he's cute. i'm mean look at him.


#10 - i've been really lax about working out/chores/adult crap. things kind of fell apart when i was getting ready for my show. the fines are being reinstated on sunday. oy.

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