go ask alice

i know, i know. i seem to be in the minority here but i LOVED alice. i liked that alice was an adult. i liked that it was kind of dark. and i loved looking at it. it was lacking in some areas but i was giddy with ideas after watching it. the costumes, oh the costumes. and the giant toadstools. and the enormous fiddleheads. oh, i loved it so. 


and i think i'm finally going to make myself this skirt, which i've been obsessed with for months since i first saw this photo. i even already have the gazillion yards of ric rac, waiting to be hand dyed.



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Coolest. Skirt. EVA! But not so long maybe.

yeah. i'll be making it knee length. i don't do skirts that long. plus the idea of sewing another foot of length with all that ric rac gives me hives.

P'raps a majority of critics were unimpressed, but the unscientific sample of 15 people who saw it with me on my hubby's birthday all agreed that it was fanTAStic.

Especially the Cheshire Cat. And the Hatter.