good mail day

i actually didn't get anything good in the mail today. a catalog that i can't seem to unsubscribe from, a few coupons. i did, however, mail 11 letters.

its hot here in portland. so hot shawn finally agreed that installing the window unit was something that we needed to do. so last night, after we installed the a/c and it had properly cooled the bedroom, i spread piles on stationery and postage on the bed and got to work. i had some letters i needed to respond to, one very overdue. i also had a few friends i just felt like writing, just because. 

while i was looking up those addresses, i thought of a few more. then a few more after that. i ended up making a list because by my tenth letter last night my hand was cramping. but tonight, and as long as this heat persists, i'll write a few more. 

you should probably watch your mail box. 

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