the great downsizing project of 2010


at some point this fall we are packing up our act and taking it on the road. when we arrive in portland we will be faced with a living space that will inevitably be smaller than the one we've been accustomed to. and that's ok. we bought more house than we need seven years ago because that was what people did. and we filled it with stuff. because that was also what people did. but that formula isn't going to work for us anymore - and really, it never really did. we never needed all this stuff.

the fact is, we have THINGS we will not part with. i have some plush, canisters, and books that i will be taking the 2000 miles with us. shawn has vinyl. and many musical instruments. we also have art.

but the other things, a lot of it can go. i've been purging items from my studio for the last year and giving them to friends. i've cleaned my closet again and again. now though, its time to get serious. i've started listing stuff on ebay and we're organizing items for an actual garage sale. i'm trying to look at things honestly and ask the tough questions. let me tell you, its not always easy. we really are conditioned to think more is more. but it really isn't. 

so, from time to time i'm going to write about this "project" and what i'm learning. also possibly about a specific item and how it came to be in my house and its fate.

here is the first such item:


the bluebelle dunce girl doll

i bought her on etsy from the black apple. i remember the day i bought her clearly. i was at work, waiting for the black apple's shop update. i had been having a crap time of it. i was suffering from a plague-like flu and had been for weeks. i'd been making some dumb mistakes at work and in life and was feeling pretty lousy about it. i felt like i should have been perpetually wearing a dunce cap. and the dunce dolls made that seem ok. cute even. so, i sat poised and ready at my computer, determined to buy one. and i did. and she made me so happy the day she came. SO HAPPY. 

fast forward 3 and a half years.

because we don't have kids she sits on a shelf. and when i notice her, she makes me smile. but mostly, she collects dust. this is NOT TO SAY i don't still have dunce cap days. i do. i just think its time for bluebelle to find a new home where she'll make someone else feel as happy as she first made me.

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