the great elephant of frustration

i got my first ever sinus infection this week. it started off like a cold and next thing i knew i was calling my g.p. to ask if wanting to rip my eyes out of my skull was normal. he indeed said it was not and that it sounded like a sinus infection and told me to go pick up a prescription. i am just finally feeling normal again. i can breathe and touch my face without wanting to scream. that's not an experience i ever want to repeat.

its also been an incredibly busy week. lots of art, lots of work work. and surprisingly enough, a good deal of holiday-type work. i should be adding new items on etsy though, as soon as its back up and happy.

and as a reward for my crazy week i was going to sew something completely frivoulous. an elephant. well, that's not going well at all. the instructions have me confounded. seriously.
i had to walk away and find my happy place.


which would be my 3 favorite things this past week: tuesday's election, wednesday's resignation and last saturday's cracker.

once i can locate my camera cord, i'll post pics from the last week...

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