happy days are here again

february is over. i took some pics and posted another bird.(i made a few more last night. an army is forming. i believe the mission of that army is to bring peace and happiness to all!)

we had an etsy team meeting and were productive. we bummed around division a bit, walking a few blocks, never complaining that it was too cold. we went to rotofugi, the comic book store and had a few beers at cleo's. we went to the video store and tonight we will watch 30 days of night. it was a perfectly lovely day. i seriously think i can get through the rest of winter without injury. or medication.

plus, i finally took my new blythe out and took a pic of her in her fabulous snowbunny suit...

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Oh, I love your little birdies! The colors are great! And your Blythe looks so cozy in her bunnysuit!