happy weekend / spring /easter

this weekend i've watched a lot of hitchcock (fabulous), the new nancy drew movie (disappointing), made a lot of owls (happy), bought 70 daffodils for less than $15 (wonderful), eaten shawn's lasagna (yummy), and been given what has to be one of the most bizarre and embarrassing artifacts of my childhood. for those more visually inclined:



yup. that's a crucifixion made with clay and popsicle sticks.  what sort of elementary school teacher thinks that is a good idea? (mrs. olson - she also made me write "i will not talk" 100 times on the chalkboard, a la bart simpson) and what sort of person holds onto it for probably 25 years?  (grandma) very, very weird.

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Yah, that crucifix is bizarre.

I've always maintained that when Jesus comes back, the last thing he's gonna want to see is all those crucifixes hanging everywhere. Maybe he's gotten over it, though. It has been a couple thousand years.