have you seen this yet?

so, i posted my pic for the self portrait challenge yesterday with no commentary. my rosacea was flaring up a bit and i am notorious for avoiding cameras when i'm in the midst of a flare-up. there are entire sets of vacation pics with NO pictures of me. there are family events in which i do not exist. but i knew i had to take the pic - i just wasn't happy about it and didn't know what to say about it.

at the same time, this video is making the rounds. two friends emailed it to me. and then it showed up on pop candy. it is brilliant. and simple. and incredibly eye-opening. and well, even though my momma didn't raise me to be so concerned with my looks it hard not to be when this is what we're up against.

i loved the dove "tested on real curves ads" (that cause drichard roeper to make women everywhere loathe him by commenting that if he wanted to see chunky legs, he'd pick up a bucket of fried chicken.) i am devoted to dove shampoo. and after a visit to their website i do believe they kick ass. in a world where tara reid feels like she needs plastic surgery, nicole richie seems to have stopped eating altogether and there are pro-anorexic websites out there i think its increbly important for someone to stand up and say this isn't ok - its completely fucking up young women's sense of self.

i'm lucky - at least women my age or thereabouts had sassy magazine to balance out all the crap. what do teenage girls have now? cosmogirl. and this is not to say i have entirely healthy self esteem. let's say 9 days out of ten i'm comfortable in my skin, with my body. its a struggle sometimes. but at least i know that noone but paris hilton looks like paris hilton and that's not something realistic to aspire to.

sara ramirez on grey's anatomy however... big props to abc for having a strong hispanic woman who's body is blissfully normal and she's so comfortable with herself that she's willing to a) dance around like a fool in her undies and b) take mcsteamy to bed. now if only ellen pompeo would go out for a nice steak.

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