hey, 2014. hey.

so, i've been sick since oh, january 2. that sucked. it was the third time i'd gotten sick in a few months and frankly, i didn't cope well. i was cranky and i was not enjoying the year so far. bummer since new years eve and day were great. over the past week, i was determined to feel better and snap the hell out of it. i worked a lot. i went back to tap class on both tuesday and wednesday. i made some plans with friends, got some good news and sent out some happy mail. last night, after tap class, i was giddy. i felt great, the best i'd felt in almost two weeks. it was an all around good day, a day that convinced me that i shouldn't write off 2014 just yet.

which reminds me, i didn't do an 2014 embroidery project. you didn't miss anything. i just didn't do it. i still might. i had a few conversations with friends about the 2012 and 2013 project and whether or not i was going to do a 2014. its been a couple of weird years for me and a number of my friends. there were deaths and break-ups. there was stuff. lots and lots of stuff.  first, i joked that i needed to lower the bar. instead anything being possible, like it was in 2012, maybe there would just be tacos in 2014. blanket forts in 2014. more happy hours in 2014. whatever in 2014. i couldn't decide. i still can't. but i'm not ruling out the possibility. after all, 2014 is looking pretty good to me today.

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