home sweet home

shawn picked me up at the airport. i was sooo happy to see him. he even parked the car and met me at baggage claim.

weekend highlights

  • i went into st. louis cathedral to light a candle for gram. a woman told me that it was nice i was doing it - even if i didn't believe.
  • i made a zombie monkey doll with teena's help.
  • guy's po-boys.
  • i got to see teena & phil's new house. its so cute.
  • teena & i ate at commander's.
  • we went to the zoo.
  • i also saw this house. i was a little stunned. it was katrina damage. the wind turned this house into a dollhouse. and its over a year later. just a reminder - new orleans is still not ok. they still need help.

i'm going to go watch the simpsons now.

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