homesick, or something

so, i've got a head cold. i was feeling twinges of it last night and had to face facts - i was getting sick. i woke up this morning feeling entirely crappy - achy, unable to breathe, sore throat. and all i can think about is that last batch of chicken soup my mom gave me. or leona's chicken soup. either way, i'm over 2000 miles from the soup i want. for the first time since we got here i miss home. 

yes, home is here in portland with shawn, monkey and my books.

but its also chicago. because that's where mom's chicken soup is. 

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i do! i would happy to have that recipe! (we ended up getting soup from new seasons - which was good but not quite what i needed.)

Do you have a crockpot? I have a yummy creamy chicken soup recipe I could send you.

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