hopelessly uncool confession #1

while watching the season finale of project runway tonight, i got a little choked up. my eyes were filled to the brim. a tear never hit my cheek but it was a close one. ok, so it happened twice. once while jillian was talking about how hard she'd worked to get there. and yeah, as i sat on the couch, handsewing yo-yos, all i could think is "i hear you sister." they'd all worked incredibly hard. and it showed. and since i can barely get a skirt done in a month, i can't even imagine...

i thought i'd be dreaming about that incredible sweater jillian designed and writing the pattern out in my head. i thought i'd be daydreaming about walking down the red carpet in rami's lace dress. but no, my thoughts keep drifting back to this:

this look by christian is like some kind of fantastic, post apocalyptic isabel archer. and while we're on the topic of christian...

the other moment was at the end. he and rami were standing on the runway, awaiting the verdict. christian's lower lip was quivering from the stress. all season i had really wanted to like christian. he does after all sport a magnificent cephalopod tattoo on his arm. but  i didn't like him until last night. he was humble until he'd actually won. and then, he deserved to be a bit cocky. i mean really.

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