hopelessly uncool confession #2

for the last month or so, i've seen the words "vampire weekend" all over the pop culture blogs i read. and honestly, i thought the posts were about some horror-con type thingy. and i skipped reading them. no use reading about something i'd never be able to attend, right?

um, yeah. silly me. vampire weekend is a band. and even more uncool, i learned this while listening to npr! they reviewed the cd on all things considered tonight. and i felted compelled to get off the expressway, stop at best buy and purchase it just because of the 30 second clips they played during the review. seriously happy. like a ska, african and garage band all rolled into one really exuberant package.

and yet, shawn, the cooler one in our marraige, had not heard of vampire weekend, horror-con or otherwise!

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