i love my husband butt...

this has been a heinous week. first shawn was having digestive issues. and then it became something else. which he thought was a cancerous tumor. and which i will not share the gory details of. trust me, you don't want to know. but let's say this, there was a trip to an immediate care center which was the opposite of helpful. a trip to another dr. today which involved a LOT of waiting and no help. and, how odd is this, a scheduled trip to the emergency room planned for tomorrow morning.  if they can't fix him tomorrow, i may check myself into another part of the hospital. i haven't slept - he's tossing and turning. A LOT. he's cranky as all get out - i would be too. and i have about a thousand things to do. none of which are getting done. but i'm trying to fend off the cranky monster myself because really, what good would it do?

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