i'm in

we've always travelled. when we were really young, we road tripped. all over the south, the southwest, up to michigan. i have picture of shawn from each of those trips. his face in profile taken from the passenger seat. he's almost always mugging for the camera but in one of them i know he was singing at the top of his lungs. that one is my favorite.

eventually, shawn worked for a startup, then orbitz, and both had travel perks. it was awesome. we went everywhere. i love planning trips. like really loved planning trips. i once found us a place to stay in florence that i could only correspond with by mail. it was the best.

then there were a few years where we only travelled to new orleans. sometimes we flew. the best times we drove.

after that, i don't know. my grandma got sick and i felt like i couldn't travel for awhile. after lucy was gone, we slowly started to travel again. for shows. to austin, to san francisco... that, was also awesome. go to another city, hang out with our friends and make enough money to cover the trip. so great.

when we moved to portland, we made big road trips of it and they were amazing. but it was, i don't know, disruptive? we were trying to start lives here, lay roots and we would just disappear for a few weeks at a time and then come back where we'd always say, "right, we live here now. how do we do this again?" we were tired. we needed real time off. we needed an adventure. but also, shawn needed to join a band or three. i needed to write. we needed to put down roots. literally. we planted a crazy high maintenance garden, which we love. and we have taken some short trips, some actual time off. they've also been awesome. really and truly. but i recently confessed to him that i am feeling wanderlusty; that i NEED A TRIP. i proposed a couple of destinations, he said he was in. last week, i fell down a rabbit hole on tumblr and kept showing him pictures of what was turning into a third option in my head. he just looked at me and said "i'm in."

this is 14 years of marraige. i'm in.  

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