in the kitchen with shana & shawn

shawn & i are both quite good cooks. we both have our own strengths. he is gifted with meat. i have officially put a moratoreum on my cooking any meat that isn't a) ground or b) sausage. he is not allowed to bake. ever. i love baking. i make great salads. i am gifted with recipes that require a great deal of stirring (risotto, anything with a roux). i can make a mean veggie stir fry. his mashed potatoes rock  my world. and meat is really transformed in his hands. this works well for us. and we enjoy cooking. but for a long time we weren't doing much cooking.

one of my new year's resolutions was to cook more. i have to say we've barely been eating out. we've been trying new recipes left and right and i have to say, we've been eating better than we ever.

i've also been baking weekly. i think everyone in my life is starting to hate me for it because i won't keep more than one, maybe two servings of these baked goods in the house. so, they go to our neighbors, our offices, our families and friends. its fairly evil of me. especially since i know how much butter goes into everything.

so, i'm going to start writing more about our cooking adventures. for now, here's an incomplete list of desserts i've made since the beginning of the year:

  • baked hot chocolate - we loved this recipe so much we made it twice.
  • chocolate chip bundt cake - an old standby. its a weight watchers recipe that is actually amazing. i've never had a low fat dessert that was this good.
  • bananas foster - yummy boozy goodness.
  • peanut butter explosion - this recipe promised so much and delivered so little. although my guests that night seemed to enjoy it.
  • my brownies - i made a batch to bring to teena & phil. they are mmmm, mmmm good.
  • raspberry truffle bars - something was a little off with this recipe at first. and then something was REALLY off with the raspberries. i'd probably try again.
  • black bottom cupcakes - these were freakin' amazing. i was skeptical but damn!
  • burnt butter brown sugar cupcakes - new favorite recipe. seriously considering making them again this weekend for no good reason.
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