last chance

cheryl & i are going to go to barnes and noble tonight to get our copies of harry potter. i haven't done the midnight thing for any of the other books. earlier this week i knew i had to. last chance, you know?

i finished #6 last night at about 1:30. i forgot what a kick to the gut it was. dumbledore?!? how on earth am i going to get through 700-odd pages without dumbledore? its unimaginable. but yet, in the wee small hours of tomorrow morning, i will be doing it. and facing the very real possibility that more of these characters i've grown to love will die.

so, yes, i will be at barnes and noble tonight. i will wait in line with my wristband. i will pay for my copy. and i just know i will hug it to my chest. and then i'll race home, take a deep breathe and start reading. if you don't hear from me for a couple days, you'll know why. and if fred and george die, it'll be even longer.

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