list of things

things i've read, things that i couldn't stop looking at, things i've cooked and baked, thing i'm just really into:

  • sometimes it sucks to be a woman on the internet. if you don't believe me, read this and this. and then tell everyone you know to read them.
  • if you like my stuff, then you like women. way to go kevin smith. 
  • i think everyone that is a parent or has had a parent should read this.  no, really.
  • the sunsets in PDX have been glorious lately. they've made this post especially interesting. the magic of iridescence
  • do you like toast? me, too. read this.
  • i have a bad habit. i love reading creepy stories on the internet. i love reading them to the point that i'm sometimes a little afraid of the dark. sometimes. they may have taken the place of regular horror movie watching for me, since horror movies tend towards lame and misogynistic these days. anyway, i love scary stories and i loved this post about them.
  • i love annie hall. i love bullets over broadway. hannah and her sisters? love. it. but, i don't love woody allen and i felt a little queasy watching the tribute to him on the golden globes. i wasn't the only one. there were a lot of people wrestling with their feelings about him on the internet this week. these two summed it up best.
  • i baked this cake as muffins this morning. i'm enjoying one with my coffee while i type.
  • i also made black bean and butternut squash enchiladas, which were damn tasty. i cannot find the right recipe though. derp. 
  • i'm thinking about knitting this. i may be insane. 
  • i have a well documented bad pop song habit. and by bad i mean so, so, good. hooks that stick in your head for weeks. currently, thanks to tap class and a previous dalliance with this particulary song, i cannot stop listening to Call Me Maybe. i guess the good news is, i know the dance i just learned two days ago in its entirety. 
  • we're totally late to the bob's burgers party but in the last couple of weeks, we fell hard. i think the episode where louise loses her ears may be the best thing ever.

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