a long time ago

i just finished rewatching both veronica mars and buffy the vampire slayer. i have feelings and thoughts. they are many. but for the sake of not annoyiing everyone, i'm going to stick to one thing. choosing teams.

when i saw this video for the veronica movie, i was team logan. i did agree with wallace though, as her best friend, he had to go team piz. i don't know why it didn't occur to me at the time that there needed to be another choice. hint: its not team deputy leo.

spoliers ahead...

i went into this movie wanting them to get back together. i did.  i love their chemistry. i love their witty banter. i LOVE this swoony scene between veronica and logan:

so, i wanted them to get back together. until i really didn't. i was rooting for veronica to ditch the life she thought she should have, the one where normal would've been the watchword, for the life she knew was hers, as a girl detective surrounded by people who had her back. but logan didn't always have her back. even after he delivered that epic speech, he was a terrible boyfriend and endangered her life on more than one occasion. why was i team logan again?

when did i stop rooting for logan? when he shows up wearing his dress whites that look three sizes too big. what was that even? besides silly. also, its nine years later and he's still the same old logan. suspected of killing his girlfriend, again. he's still the first one to throw a punch and he still lives with dick, the charismatic man-child* and would-be rapist. its just not charming anymore. team logan no more.

but i'm going to be honest. i did sort of love movie.yeah, i wished there was more mac, more wallace, more keith. i wanted less logan, more VERONICA MARS.

then, i decided to rewatch buffy.

i'd forgotten. i honestly had. i'd forgotten that when it came down to it, team angel or team spike didn't matter. it was all about team slayer and in the end, team buffy. both spike and angel, both kind of terrible boyfriends, understood. and we do too, thanks to that ridiculous but effective unbaked cookie metaphor. she's had the weight of the world on her shoulders for years. now that weight is lifted and she needs to figure out who she is without it, on her own. she is not finished.

neither is veronica. she knows what she needs to do, who she is. she just needs to start living that life. i just wish all of us didn't want her to end up with logan so bad. she'd have been better off without him. team VERONICA. 

* i love ryan hansen. its unfortunate that he plays dick and makes him likable. but he does. 

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