a long time ago, we used to be friends

occasionally, i get very nostalgic for borders people. cheryl and i have this game where we try to remember as many people from schaumburg's sort as possible. each time we do it there are larger gaps in our memories. there are entire corners of the store that are now blank to me. and then there are those people who are absolutely unforgettable. the woman who threw a v-cart of books at me - wish i could forget her but alas. but the people who comforted me through my cousin's death - if i had last names and addresses they would all be receiving thank you notes.

there are two people who defy category in the borders compartment in my brain – jen and steve. when I first started at schaumburg, jen and i were fast friends. people actually confused us or thought we were sisters. she transferred stores, met and married steve - i was at their wedding. and we remained friends for a long time. although at some point steve & i were better friends. jen was travelling a lot for work and he and i used to talk a lot. at some point there was a series of unfortunate events and we were all no longer friends.

cher recently found this site. and then i found this. and they've just been on my mind.

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