a lot can happen

a few weeks ago i was starting to grow weary of the best of the decade lists that were popping up everywhere i looked or listened. then it hit me, the best of the DECADE.

ten years have passed me by in the blink of an eye. i started the decade at a party, wearing my favorite sweater, with shawn. a picture from that party is on my desk at work. we got married months later and time started to fly.

there were many weddings, and unfortunately a number of funerals. but there were also a lot of babies born. there were trips and parties and fights and new cars. there were friends lost but we made a few new ones. there were countless craft projects and baking experiments. hey, i really learned how to bake over the last decade. there was a dog, and another dog, and a new house. and somewhere in the middle of it all, i started this blog. there were some realizations and a few confessions and it was work. there were more than a few tears but there was also laughter and dancing.

a lot happened. and its no secret that the last few years have been hard on me or that i have been hard on myself. but when i think about it all as a part of a bigger picture, a decade, it doesn't seem so bad. it just feels like a life. i very full, very blessed life.

so, here's to 2010. and to the next 10 years.

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