a lovely day

our outing to the kane county flea market was mildly successful. i bought a few things and one thing in particular made me giddy ( those pictures forthcoming) all in all,  it was a perfect day to  wander and look at all the eye candy...



on our way back we stopped at mitsuwa. they've expanded their book store! i restrained myself enormously. i got the current quilts japan and a book called sweet style.  i swear i'll be making myself every last thing in that book. so, well, sweet.

shawn went a little crazy in the snack department. and if there's one thing i can always count on in this topsy turny world its that shawn, my darling husband, will eat ANYTHING. so, he bought these...

tiny roasted snack crabs with sesame seeds. so odd. but he and colleen ate a few while syndy & i sat horrified.

this evening i hung out at cheryl's. we ordered takeout and watched hex. it was good.

and now, now i'm sleepy. nighty night...

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Hi Shana!
I'll be mailing you a beachy collage for Danielle's swap later this week! I was hoping that you could drop me a note with your favorite colors, styles, etc! I'm so happy she gave me your blog info... LOVE your etsy shops! :)