lovey dovey all the time

i'm a magpie. i am attracted to the shiny things. i want to collect them and gaze upon them. making things allows me to do that. i gather the shiny things, looking at them loveingly for a little while. eventually, i send them back out into the world in a slightly altered form. many shiny things have passed before me. sometimes i say to myself, "you should keep one of those. its special." most of the time i don't. but sometimes something so spectacularly shiny is placed in front of me that i know. i know i won't be able to part with them all. i know i need to keep one so i can continue to admire it.

that's what happened when i opened a small box today. i may have actually squealed. i'd recently found almost identical earrings in red and white. i couldn't get over how cute those were. adorable, i thought. these though, these win the cute battle royale. and that the gods of vintage supplies gave these to me before valentine's day? amazing.

i immediately went to work i was so excited. 

it knocked me out with how freakin' cute it looks as a ring. that perfect beet stained pink, those heart shaped petals. come ON. perfectly lovey dovey. 

oh yes! one will be mine (all mine) and good news - there's a few more here!

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