mama said

i'm not going to lie. i was not a happy camper today. i woke up feeling like crap again and let myself wallow in it. i was weepy and whiny and all around unpleasant to be around. i didn't even want to be around me but i was stuck with me, which only seemed to make me grumpier. 

the news didn't help. all that destruction and devastation just darkened my mood further. 

but then late in the day i got a couple texts from new friends checking on me and messages from old friends sending love and happy thoughts my way. i took a hot shower. i did a few things around the house. i read some news stories and donated some money to red cross. i ate some tacos, watched some tv and then i was going to upload some photos from the week to flickr.

here are two favorites from this week:


screw my mood. screw my stupid head cold. life is beautiful. and silly. and sometimes really sad. i just need to hold onto these really great moments. they're the ones that get me through days like this.

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