mama said (a list)

  • fighting with shawn. he's under deadline and feeling under pressure. so, not really fighting but snarking, for sure.
  • making a double batch strawberry jam of questionable consistency despite its passing the freezer test.
  • wanting to call my grandma to ask her WTF about the jam. alas.
  • i cleaned out my closet this week and got rid of a ton of clothes. people told me not to get rid of the the things that are too big, that it'll jinx the weight loss. yesterday i wondered if that was true.  then i was bummed out for even thinking like that. 
  • because the truth is that a week of munching on rare, homemade bread caught up to me. one word: bloat. 


so, nothing devastating. just some annoyances that added up to a not so great day. tomorrow will be better.

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