(meyer) lemony goodness

while at the grocery store the other night i spied some meyer lemons so i somehow convinced shawn that a meyer lemon tart was a good idea this weekend. he generally doesn't like lemon desserts but i think i sold him with my description of the taste of meyer lemons. i waxed rhapsodic in the middle of whole foods. he probably thought it was cute. other shoppers probably wanted to back away slowly.

here's the recipe, which i totally made up as i was going:

for the tart crust:

1 1/8 cup flour + more for flouring the rolling surface
1 teaspoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
8 tablespoons cold butter
3 tablespoons water

mix dough until sticky. roll into a ball, wrap in plastic wrap and
press into a disk. refrigerate for a half hour.  preheat oven to 350°F. roll out disk of the dough and put into a tart plate. place foil & pie weights into crust and bake for 20 minutes. remove foile and pie weights and place back into the oven for another 15-20, until golden brown.

for the lemon curd:

4 meyer lemons
1 cup sugar
4 large eggs
15 tablespoons cold butter
1 vanilla bean

grate enough zest from for 4 teaspoons and squeeze 1 cup juice. whisk together zest, juice, sugar, and
eggs in the top of a double boiler and add butter. set over simmering water and cook, whisking, until thickened and smooth and an
instant-read thermometer registers 160°F, about 5 minutes. force curd
through a fine sieve set into another bowl. whisk in meat from vanilla bean. cover surface
of curd with parchment and cool completely.

finishing the tart:

once everything is cooled, preheat the broiler. pour curd into the tart shell. sift powdered sugar on top. place under broiler until it starts to caramelize, about 1 minute. (i let it go about 1 minute too long hence the blackened crust) let it cool a bit and eat. yum.

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