mommie dearest

dearest diane,

everyone has heard from me about the many, many ways in which lucy rocks. i think its your turn.

  1. you are generous. you told me a story today about a family in suttons bay. the mom, who basically ran their dairy farm, got pregnant in her 40s with twins. she was put on bed rest and with 5 sons and a farm to run, that wasn't really going to work. you went every morning and milked the cows and cooked breakfast for the boys. seriously mom, there aren't many people who would give of themselves in that way.  you don't seem to think it was a big deal at all.
  2. you are funny. oh so very, very funny. my friends have always adored being around you. i remember when you met steve jay. he needed to get home and pack. it was late and he was supposed to move to boston the next day to be with jen. we went out for a quick dinner and he was just going to stop in an say hi and be on his way. 3 hours later, with tears of laughter running down his face, he finally left. he probably would stayed another hour or two but i forced him to leave, knowing what he needed to accomplish when he got home.
  3. you're crafty. you have always made things, as long as i can remember. whether it was delicate crocheted lace snowflakes or stained glass dragons or the tiara i wore for my wedding, your hands were always doing something. i know that's where i got it from. nevermind that i was a late bloomer.
  4. you're accepting. i was odd. i made up worlds and always had my nose in a book. i didn't like to comb my hair and once i began to comb my hair with any regularity i started dying it every color of the rainbow. i liked to climb trees and i had a mean case of wanderlust at a very young age. i was occasionally bratty and i was never normal. i don't think you ever really wanted me to be. when family would comment on the weirdness of me, you were unwavering.
  5. you love horror movies. i have friends who were never allowed to watch horror movies. you knew that forbidding anything would just backfire so better you watch with me so i wouldn't get scared. a perfect mother daughter afternoon included movies like an american werewolf in london or creepshow. you also have a love of bad horror that i also inherited.
  6. you love to read and you taught me to love reading young. you said one of your proudest days was the day i got my adult library card early - because i'd read all the kids books. you said i showed my new library card to everyone who would let me
  7. you took care of grandma and grandpa. you made sure that they had everything they needed up until the very end - and even then you were there to hold their hands. i am more grateful to you for this than you'll ever know. and i know they were too.

these are just a few of the reasons i love you, mom. happy mother's day!


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