a month of movies

january and all its illness did afford me the time to catch up on movies. here's the rundown:

  • evening
  • paprika
  • the namesake
  • paris j'taime
  • ratatouille
  • fay grim
  • sunshine
  • suburban girl
  • smiley face
  • the bourne ultimatum
  • live free & die hard
  • once
  • ocean's 13
  • mr. brooks
  • alpha dog
  • music & lyrics
  • license to wed
  • the ten
  • driving lessons
  • mr. woodcock
  • idiocracy
  • halloween (rob zombie)
  • wicked little things
  • waitress

ok, that's a little insane.  and i watched all of angel. between the writer's strike and being sick, i guess that's what happens.

my three favorites were once, the namesake and waitress. all three were pretty amazing. i've thought about the namesake almost everyday though. kal penn was remarkable - who knew? and its just such a beautiful story. and well, mira nair rocks my little world. monsoon wedding is definitely in my top 10 of all time.

hmmm, what is my top ten of all time right now? let's see...

  1. the godfather (1 & 2)
  2. halloween (1 & 2)
  3. the pink panther
  4. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
  5. night of the living dead
  6. monsoon wedding
  7. stealing beauty
  8. to catch a thief
  9. the philadelphia story
  10. guess who's coming to dinner

i so love movies.

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