my heart is singing (youth gone wild)

#1 - the weird dream seemed to have brightened my morning by forcing me to grab skid row's slave to the grind from the cd shelf. i admit i am not normally a metal girl. but there was a time... anyway, my forays into metal now are strictly of the aerosmith/ac/dc/classic rock variety. but i was in the mood - a dream with sebastian bach will do that. and it was most excellent.

#2 - i received this im from colleen...
[12:03] tigerPupp44:'s colleen
[12:03] tigerPupp44: we sold our house
[12:03] tigerPupp44: here we come
[12:04] shanalah18: OH MY GOD!!! when are you coming back?!!!?
[12:04] shanalah18: that's so exciting
[12:04] tigerPupp44: 45 days or less
[12:04] shanalah18: i'm practically squealing!

#3 - then i got this im from shawn...
[12:12] shawn: want more happy?
[12:12] shawn: visit the shit factory :)

#4 - and then this im from shawn...
[12:17] shawn: even more happiness
[12:17] shawn: Yanni Lolis to Shawn I am so sorry- I will be paying you in person- I will be in Chicago the end of this week-

#5 - i am carrying my finally finished nappy bag. and it is a thing of beauty.


#6 - i booked my flight to nola last week. i see teena in 24 days!

oh happy day!

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